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This calculator will give you a comparative estimate showing you your total payoff and the time frame it would take to pay off your debts.  You’ll see the value of working with Advocate Debt Relief as you compare the different options.  Take action today and speak with one of our debt coaches.

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Other Consolidation LoansCredit CounselingDo Nothing (Pay Minimum)Advocate Debt Relief
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Consolidation Loan Credit Counselling Do Nothing (Pay Minimum) Advocate Debt Relief


*Above are estimated figures and should not be taken as exact results. These calculations are examples only and should be used for general comparison purposes only. Many varying factors not accounted for will create differences as to each individual’s circumstances and results. Fees are already included in the estimated figures.

Our Goal Is Simple! To help YOU become debt free and live a life of abundance. We believe everyone DESERVES A WIN!  Begin YOUR path to victory.

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